Work From Home tips

Work From Home tips

Remote work is a major part of this new norm we often hear about. Many people welcome the opportunity to work from the comfort of their home while some others may struggle with the change. Here are some tips that may help you master your remote work duties.

Get a morning routine. Set your alarm and start your day promptly as you would usually do when going to the office. Create a morning routine that prepares you for the day ahead. You may even want to try the last tip suggested in the list.

Dress for the job. Pick out your WFH outfit, something comfortable that follows the guidelines of your employer. For those who never turn on their camera they will have more flexibility than others.

Make yourself comfortable. Sit upright, feet flat to the floor and knees at 90 degrees. Have your elbows at right angle with hand on desktop. Try to find a quiet location to work if possible just be sure it’s not too far from your wifi router because you do not want a slow internet connection.

Use the proper tools. Using a laptop is not ideal for long hours sitting at the computer, if possible connect it to an external monitor, mouse and keyboard and be sure to elevate the screen to your eye level. If video meetings are required never sit with your back to a window with the outdoor light shining through, have adequate room lighting and pay attention to what objects (and people) are behind you. If you only do audio meetings use a good quality USB headset and if that is unavailable look into installing that meeting app on your smartphone and use your phone’s headset if available. The smartphone can also be used as your makeshift webcam on its own in the same way, be sure to prop it up on something sturdy or use a phone mount/stand/tripod.

Take breaks. Be sure to get movement breaks once every hour. Stretch, walk around, drink water and look away from your screen every now and then. Maybe improve your health, consider using the time save from no commuting to do some of that exercise that you never seem to have time for in your busy schedule.

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