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Micro Software Designs Limited (MSD) is a dynamic, world-class provider of fully integrated real time on-line software solutions for the financial services sector. We operate in 11 countries in the Caribbean and Central America region. Incorporated in 1984, spanning over three decades of experience in supplying customized software solutions and consultancy services to some of the largest financial organizations in the region, we pride ourselves of being "Technology Driven, Customer Focused", "Committed to customer satisfaction, software excellence and integrity".

MSD employees are extensively trained to provide courteous service, timely and accurate solutions. Our top four positions have a combined total of more than 100 years of computerized Credit Union expertize.

This means clients are guaranteed a high standard of quality service backed by stability, and the knowledge that they are being served by a company with an in-depth understanding of international best practices in the Information Communication Technology [ICT] industry. Our core customer base comprises over 130 financial institutions such as credit unions, micro finance lending agencies and other financial services organization, located throughout the English speaking Caribbean and Central American region.

We have met the complex needs of some of the region’s leading financial organizations by optimizing their front, middle and back office processes. With our software solutions, our clients’ needs have been comprehensively addressed with one fully integrated real time on-line solution. This is achieved through our overarching philosophy and belief in the concept of People, Process and Technology.

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Technology Driven, Customer Focused

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