Dividend Processing Made Simple

On March 5th, 2020 MSD conducted Dividend training at MSD’s Training Centre in Trinidad entitled Dividend made simple geared towards Accounts and System Administrators target audience.

Areas covered included how to set Institutionalized Share products to those on which dividends are to be calculated, assess the difference with using either the Weighted or Standard method for dividend calculations and determine which is applicable to your institution. Also, how to exclude certain member type or groups from the Dividend process like delinquents and dormant accounts as well as how to direct payment of Dividends and Rebate to Savings and Loan products or pay by cheque/ACH.

It allowed the participants to better generate and disburse Dividends declared at the Annual General Meeting to the members' accounts. MSD understands that this is not a routine process (once a year at most institutions) so to reiterate our deep commitment to you and to ensure that this task is executed expeditiously, we offer the Dividend Processing Made Simple Training and Workshop annually. This session provides the participants with the necessary knowledge and techniques to expedite this process at their institution.

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