MSD Training

MSD continuously embark on yearly training onsite at our Training Center to local and regional customers to ensure your staff understand and appreciate the intricacies involved in effectively utilising Emortelle and Add On Modules. This year however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the safety guidelines MSD adapted, we will be adjusting the format a bit to offer limited capacity for onsite training in September.

We will be offering online training via webinars as well. Additionally, we are involving you in the topic selection process. This approach will allow you, our cherished customers to select from the list of areas that are most needed by you. Please look out for our bulletin in the coming weeks which will provide the link to the online survey from which you will choose. The training areas will then be derived from the most selected.

MSD understands the importance of these annual training sessions to you as they solidify the knowledge base within your organisation for new employees as well as existing employees, who may have moved to different functional areas. We know that the workshops contribute to the development of users by showcasing more efficient methods of using Emortelle in their focus area. The interactive sessions with our Facilitator and other participants only serve to broaden their knowledge and provide great insight and perspective.

Strategic insights into the key functions of the Emortelle software would also be available to the Management and Leadership Teams, as well as onsite sessions, once requested. These sessions would be geared towards the Board of Directors, Managers, Credit Committee and Supervisory Committee for Operational Efficiency & Organizational Effectiveness.It’s our belief that effective training will positively impact the quality of service your financial institution delivers to its members, thus, resulting in improving members’ satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

We look forward to providing this service once again this coming September.

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