Going Paperless

There are quite a few reasons why you may want to consider going paperless at your organization. Besides being environmentally friendly (with less paper used) and also financially friendly (with less printer consumables and maintenance costs), the move to paperless allows for better storage and safe keeping of the receipt for both the organization and its members. Compared to thermal receipt printers which allow for less paper and no ink replacements – their main disadvantage is that the text fades away after time forcing the member to copy the receipt if they wish to keep it for a longer time.

Emortelle 9.1 supports digital receipts management and the ability to have the receipt automatically emailed to the member. With a signature pad device, Emortelle has the ability to capture an electronic signature from the member to sign the digital receipt. Paperless can also replace statement printing where those statements can be generated manually and emailed or have the entire process automated on a schedule.