Customer Update

Online Banking and VISA Debit Card

Micro Software Designs Ltd extend congratulations to Agricola Credit Union Society Ltd on the launch of their Online Banking and VISA Debit Card facilitated through their Emortelle V9.1 system. With these services, Agricola CU members can now access funds internationally as well as check their account balances, execute transfers or apply for loans – anytime and anywhere in the world.

The launch of these online services at their buoyant event "Embracing the Future Together - Connect, Convey, Convince" was complemented with the opening of Agricola’s new branch office at #14, Premier Street, Pamela's Mall, Marabella on Sunday 20th October 2019.

On hand to cut the ribbon was His Worship San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello and Agricola CU President and Chairman Mr Joshua Spencer. Join with us as we wish Agricola Credit Union every success with their new online services and many fruitful years ahead!!

OSS New Features

The Online Support System (OSS) is the facility that allows clients to post a ticket to request for Modifications, Training or post a query on a Problem that they may be encountering. It is a vital communication mechanism between you, our clients and MSD, to ensure that you are getting the support you require for Emortelle.

As such, MSD launched our enhanced OSS(see it here on 16th September 2019, which offers a fresh appeal, a more intuitive user interface, additional functionality and enhanced security.

Some of the new features include:

Weekly Tips & Newsletters - Customers can click on the icons below for easy access to these archives
Notification of the Newest Weekly Tip Available upon Login as shown below.
Progress Bar now seen when Uploading Database files.
Option to Export Tickets to Excel
Reminder Email Alerts- for Ticket status"Awaiting information from Customer" and Type “Modification, Problem, Technical Request” , once feedback is not received within 7 working days from the date of last request.
Email Alerts and Automatic Closure - for Ticket status "Awaiting information from Customer" and Type “Problem, Technical Request”, once feedback is not received within 14 working days from the date of last request, the ticket will be closed.
Contract Alerts- Alert Notification is displayed for the client when their contract is due for renewal in 30 days or less.

We look forward to you utilising the OSS as your first point of contact as the benefits are tremendous:

  • Ability to obtain a record of items reported
  • Track timelines on any ticket
  • Receive Alerts when attention is needed or when an update is placed by MSD

Please feel free to recommend any feature you will like to see on this platform.