2018 Year in Review

MSD is pleased to report that we have experienced major success in 2018!

A whopping forty-two institutions choose to upgrade to V9.10 in order to have access to the dynamic new features in this version. This means that eighty percent of our customers are now on the latest version. MSD understands the current economic constraints and will work with the remaining twenty percent to provide mutually affordable mechanisms to allow them the opportunity to upgrade and also enjoy these features.

Customers on V9.10 delighted in obtaining free features such as :

Signature & Pictures Remote Supervisor Override Amortisation Delinquency Management
Bulk Emailing Drill Down reporting Auto Send Birthday Email
Expiring ID Alerts Call Log Feature Increased Share, Savings & Loans Products
Management Dashboard Modified Asset Register Simplified Product Configuration

Additionally, customers took advantage of the suite of Plug In features with fifty-three of them implementing the much relevant IFRS9 Risk Management module and a diverse number implementing Online Banking, ATM Online, Front Desk Management, HR & Payroll and Mobile Banking. We applaud our customers for embracing solutions that greatly enhance your customer service delivery; which will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of your organisations.

MSD launched our Mobile App on 31st October 2018 and already we have had success with this feature as our customers seek to provide their membership with convenient, secure, digital solutions. Allow us to congratulate the first implementer of this feature the Community First Credit Union of Antigua!

MSD continue to achieve success by keeping our lines of communication open to our customers and maintaining a lucid, comfortable and mutually respectful environment. We promise to have more rapport with you in 2019 to keep you abreast of new and existing features in your Emortelle application. This will be achieved through Users Group meetings, webinars and seminars so look out for your invitations!