Word from Management

Firstly, on behalf of the management and staff at MSD, we sincerely hope that the Christmas season brought, joy, happiness, and quality time was spent with love ones. We wish for you and your lovely family, a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019.

Rapid changes in the micro and macro environment coupled with customers’ perception and expectation of customer service delivery are forcing, for-profit and non-profit financial institutions, and small and medium size [SME] organization to re-think the way they deliver service to their customers. These changes are evident in the regulations that govern those institutions ‘daily operations, and in the dynamic field of information communication technology [ICT], which is advancing at an alarming rate.

Credit Unions in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region and by extension, world over, are continuously challenged to come up with more innovative ways of delivering quality, efficient and effective service to their membership, thus creating opportunities for improving and sustaining their competitiveness. Failure to do so could have grave consequences on their ability to effectively compete and maintain relevance in the financial marketplace.

Over the past 12 months, we at MSD have embraced those changes with great optimism, and focus, continuously assessing the impact those changes will have on our and customers operating environment. Resulting in a series of new measures implemented to help us, foster a better relationship with our customers, stay on top of current and future technological innovations, get the best out of our employees, achieve operational excellence, and continue to grow our market share in all market segments. We are confident that these measures will promote greater efficiency and effectiveness within our operating environment, while ensuring you our valued customer maintain relevance and remain competitive in the marketplace. Highlighted below are two of those measures.

STAYING ON TOP OF CURRENT AND FUTURE TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS: DRIVING INNOVATION There has been an accelerated drive in innovation throughout the Company – spanning from product development to the way we think, and deliver quality service to our customers.

In the past year, there has been a drive to fully enhance the, look, feel, user friendliness, ease of use, usefulness, and functionality of our flagship product, Emortelle V 9.1. Significant time was invested ensuring all ADD-ON products the likes of, IFRS9, Mobile App, ACH processing, GIA [Internet Banking], Automatic transaction alert, ATM On-line and IVR are seamlessly integrated with our core product. The drive to ensure our products and services remain at the cutting edge of technology will continue unabated during 2019.

IMPROVING OPERATIONS: LEVERAGING OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES AND EFFECTIVENESS FROM PROCESS IMPROVEMENT Our commitment to operational excellence has been supported by our continued drive to streamline and improve processes within each department, coupled with ensuring staff are exposed to training areas which will aid in improving their overall development and productivity.

One of the measures implemented was the merging of the Customer service and Quality Control departments, to form the Customer Advocacy department. In so doing, all job titles within the department were reclassified to customer advocate, each customer was assigned a customer advocate, and a new manager was appointed to head that department. The primary objective of this change is to foster a closer and more intimate relationship with you our valued customer.

OUTLOOK While the challenges of the software development industry and financial environment will remain, we at MSD are confident we have a strong team and a solid strategy to withstand any challenges which may confront us.

The initiatives MSD introduced over the last year to expand our customer reach, to deliver innovative new products, grow our market share, explore new segments and the introduction of an exciting new version of our flagship product, Emortelle 9.1; have placed the Company in a strategically strong position. These and other initiatives will be pursued going forward in 2019.

MSD’s brand health is strong and customers continue to look to our products to improve their operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness, while offering to their customers/clients greater accessibility and convenience when transacting business.

We at MSD look forward to updating you on our progress as we continue on the journey of providing second to none quality customer service to you, our employees, and customers, while remaining true to our brand promise “Committed to customer satisfaction, software excellence and integrity”.

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