IFRS 9 RM Module Presentation at NEM Workshop



MSD presented our IFRS9 Risk Management at the NEM Leadership Consultants workshop entitled Effective Credit Management on 23rd and 24th May 2018.

The workshop was geared towards Credit Unions and Lending Agencies to apprise them on Credit Management techniques, analysis and strategies straight through to Delinquency Management.

As such, the natural order was to include a presentation on Loan Provisioning based on the new IFRS 9 Standard.

As MSD already possessed an integrated module for this in our Emortelle application; we were invited to present and was able to demonstrate the ease of risk assessment, ECL calculations and posting of provision straight through to the General Ledger.

The module was appreciated by all present and even non Emortelle users enquired about the possibility of using the module as a service for generating their provisions.

MSD will be advising on this soon!