Customer Update

Advanced Viewing of the Emortelle MasterCard Feature

On Thursday 21st November 2019, MSD held a meeting at the Knutsford Court Hotel, Jamaica to provide our Jamaican customers with an advanced viewing of the MasterCard feature in Emortelle. In attendance were representatives of nine institutions in Jamaica. Customers delighted in learning of the benefits to providing MasterCards to their members like:

  • POS & ATM withdrawals anywhere in the world
  • Shop Online
  • Secure Embedded Chip Technology
  • Custom design card with CU imagery and logo
  • MasterCard branded- reliable, reputable, highly-respected, widely-accepted

Amongst the many features discussed were:

  • Ease of managing cardholders in the Card Management Module in Emortelle
  • Multiple Products on card; like Line of Credit and Savings
  • MasterCard Application via Online Banking
  • Automatic Transaction Alerts
  • Ease of use reports for Transaction Activity & Settlement

Also presenting at this meeting were the Chief Operating Officer- Mr Lennox Robinson and his Marketing and Business Development Manager Jodiann Barnes of Alliance Payment Services Ltd (APSL), Jamaica. Mr Robinson spoke about the relationship his company has with MasterCard Inc as the MasterCard Agent in Jamaica authorised to issue the co-branded card. Ms Barnes spoke about additional benefits that APSL is offering with the MasterCard like:

  • Purchase phone credits
  • Pay bills
  • Remittances

Both Mr Robinson and Ms Barnes were on the receiving end of a lot of questions as participants echoed their interest and showed their excitement for this readily available feature in Emortelle.

The meeting would not have been complete without actual users of this product voicing their experience with implementing the Mastercard and this was done by Mr Roger Watson of TIP Friendly Society Ltd who gave a positive account as he stated "this feature reduces the time and effort a member has to expend to access our loan facility... thereby reducing HR and other overheads to service the member for the same product multiple times...We know that this would not have been possible without our Core Banking System provider, Micro Software Designs or our MasterCard provider Alliance Payment Services Ltd - so we thank them whole-heartedly for getting us to this pinnacle." TIP Friendly Society is MSD's first customer to implement the card in Jamaica and based on customer's feedback; soon others will be joining in the MasterCard issuing institutions.

Emortelle Users Forum in Jamaica

MSD held its Emortelle Users Forum for our Jamaican customers on Thursday 21st November 2019 in the afternoon at the Knutsford Court Hotel, Jamaica. Eighty percent of our customers there attended and they were treated to exciting, new information on our latest, innovative features in Emortelle.

The first part of the discussions had customers focused on their growing need for Online services, their benefits and functionality and how easily implementation can be executed. The following Emortelle features were discussed and demonstration of some were included in the presentation:

MasterCard Debit Card Mobile App Online Banking Emortelle Due Diligence Front Desk Management Electronic Filing Auto Email Alert Bulk Emailing

Some customers already using the Online Banking feature were impressed with the new design login page and took the opportunity to request the cost free update.

In the Open Forum segment, customers enquired about the Data Replication feature MSD is completing and all were delighted to hear it will be ready by Q1 of 2020. Some requests emanating from the meeting are as follows:

  • Onsite training
  • Signature & Picture modification for onscreen display instead of clicking to view
  • A Customer Relationship module

The meeting ended well and all were in good spirits as they networked with each other.

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