Tech News

Software as a Service (SaaS) – MSD Database Hosting

In addition to providing a subscription based cloud-hosted solution for Emortelle customers; MSD now offers the option of hosting the Emortelle database using on-premises infrastructure and equipment.

By using several components of redundancy including auxillary power with an on-site generator and UPS devices, internet with two high-speed internet connections provided by different ISPs and server hardware with the use of virtualization – MSD has the ability to offer a reliable hosting solution that negates the overhead of high upfront server cost and IT Management. Contact us for more information.

Emortelle Database Replication

In keeping with the industry standards for High Availability and Disaster Recovery planning Emortelle will soon be empowered with a database replication feature using the ctreeACE Replication Agent. This will allow the Emortelle transactions written to the production server to be duplicated on a secondary server achieving near real-time replication. Future details of this new feature will be announced as development progresses.