Congratulations on reaching a service milestone of 10 Years with MSD to Ms. Kern John

On April 1st 2018, Kern John, Quality Control Officer III, celebrated her 10th year of dedicated service to the organization.

MSD Brand Promise is Committed to Customer Satisfaction, Software Excellence & Integrity, through our dedicated employees. The service milestone symbolizes the time Ms. John has given to MSD to assist the organization in persuing this brand promise. In commemoration, MSD presented Ms. John with tokens of appreciation for her role in assisting the organization achieves excellence.

MSD therefore take pride in having a dedicated, hard working and loyal team. Our staff loyalty matrix depicts over 35% of the total work force disbursing committed, and loyal service to our customers for a period in excess of ten [10] years. This level of staff loyalty and commitment can be directly correlated with our overarching philosophy of People, Process and Technology [PPT], whereby we harness an operating environment where employees are treated as customers, and customers like employees.